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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Andrew Smith.  He is at the top of my list of favorite authors.  He writes incredible things.  But it has been way too long since I have had the chance to read something new by him.  I have been (not so) patiently waiting for the release of his newest novel, Rabbit & Robot, for a long time now.  In his new novel, Smith, takes us for a ride that was well worth the wait.  

Rabbit & Robot tells the story of Cager Messer and his friend Billy Hinman.  As the United States is falling in to another war (it's 27th simultaneous war) and Cager is falling farther in to his Woz addiction, Billy and Rowan (Cager's caretaker) kidnap him and take him to the Tennessee (a space cruise ship that is owned by Cager's father) to help save his life. 

The Tennessee proves to be anything but safe.  Filled with anything you could imagine, this cruise ship seems to be the perfect place.  While the Earth burns from the now more than 30 simultaneous wars, the cogs that run every aspect of the ship become infected and turn cannibalistic.  The idea of being stranded in space as possibly the only humans alive takes its toll on Cager and he begins to wonder what it really means to live a full life, a life with meaning. 

As is the norm, Smith's newest novel will make you laugh and cry, but more importantly it will make you think.  This story about love, friendship, the power of technology, and humanity will stick with you long after you have turned the last page.  You will question what it means to be truly human, while vowing to live the best life you can. 

From Amazon:

Told with Andrew Smith’s signature dark humor, Rabbit & Robot tells the story of Cager Messer, a boy who’s stranded on the Tennessee—his father’s lunar-cruise utopia—with insane robots.

Cager has been transported to the Tennessee, a giant lunar-cruise ship orbiting the moon that his dad owns, by Billy and Rowan to help him shake his Woz addiction. Meanwhile, Earth, in the midst of thirty simultaneous wars, burns to ash beneath them. And as the robots on board become increasingly insane and cannibalistic, and the Earth becomes a toxic wasteland, the boys have to wonder if they’ll be stranded alone in space forever.

In his new novel, Andrew Smith, Printz Honor author of Grasshopper Jungle, will make you laugh, cry, and consider what it really means to be human.

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