Thursday, December 19, 2019

All Roads Lead to Lawrence by Craig Leener

Craig Leener's novel All Roads Lead to Lawrence is the exciting sequel to his debut novel, This Was Never About Basketball.  And this story was just as fun and riveting as the first.  With all the references to KU, this was a great read as a Jayhawk fan.  Lawrence is a fast paced read about finding your place in the world while dealing with tragedy.  It is about resilience and our ability to survive when we think we may fall apart.

From Amazon:

In this sequel to THIS WAS NEVER ABOUT BASKETBALL, a few months have passed since Zeke Archer saved basketball from extinction after the 7th Dimension—the otherworldly entity that brought the game to Earth in 1891—tried to take it away for good. Now Zeke is settling into life after high school, leading his team and running the point at Jefferson Community College. And there, on his home court, is where this strange tale begins . . . Tragedy strikes close to Zeke’s heart, and his world slowly begins to crumble around him. But when he receives a mysterious message that could only have originated from another realm, Zeke begins a journey like no other. Flanked by his trusted friend Lawrence—a math whiz who might have just discovered a top-secret inter-dimensional portal—Zeke crosses paths with a drop-kicking rugby aficionado, a sage and telepathic sea creature, and the possible inventor of basketball, all in the quest to find the true meaning of love, loss, and friendship, on and off the court.

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